Bluehost Unreliable!

Posted by – March 6, 2008

Bluehost my favorite dysfunctional web hosting company strikes again. Abssorb and Tvuolo were patiently biting nails, waiting for 28 hours, while the technical staff fiddled with box329 attempting to make their server operational. After 28 frustrating hours box329 was briefly up just to tease the clients with the fact that they will have harmful amounts of data loss before the server went down again.

In the same post Abssorb quotes one of Matt Heaton’s blogs Reliability, reliability, relibility…

3 – Proactive administration vs reactive administration – Sometimes we find ourselves in the reactive mode. Fix it when their is a problem. This isn’t right. We have set concrete plans in place that will make it so that each time a server goes down we have the information to know exactly what caused it and how to fix it so next time the same thing doesn’t happen. Many large hosts get caught up in the “reset the server” mode, and don’t really fix the problem for the long term. We will strive to fix it for the long term.

Abssorb follows with the comment, “Looks like that ‘Concrete’ had some crap in it, cos it hasn’t set.”

Folks we have all heard the “How many engineers does it take to change a light bulb joke?” Well how many Sys Admins does it take to fix box329 at Bluehost? Perhaps Bluehost should consider farming out this type of work to one of their competitors whom are a bit more competent than their in house “Technical Department”.

I am beginning to think a Linux virus does exist and it is called a Bluehost system administrator.

Hey Matt Heaton, Bluehost is “unreliable, unreliable, unreliable…

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  1. Update:

    Bluehost server box329 where are you? The saga continues…

    Bluehost forum Nazis Felgall and Early Out closed the original thread after 54 posts and 6 pages of comments.

    Early Out states,It doesn’t appear that this outage has been handled very well by BH.”
    No kidding!

    Abssorb started another thread titled, “More about Box329 and the 28hr outage.Coralsea comments,”But man, I sure hope this just doesn’t get swept under the rug. I would like a good explanation of what broke, how it was fixed and preventative/proactive measures being taken. I think that’s just common courtesy and good customer relations.” And then one of the forum Nazis promptly closed the thread.

    Tvuolo started yet another thread, “ Still More about Box329 and the 28hr outage.” Which amazingly enough Early Out did not close. Guess what? Eranmeital just mentioned,come on! !! my box is down again after i finished restore all lost data!!

    By my calculation it must be around 56 hours and the server is still not functional! Good grief….

    Here is the million dollar question. Will Bluehost give an accountability of what happened with the box329 incident? Or will Bluehost just sweep the box329 fiasco under the rug?

    Edit: The thread,”Still More about Box329 and the 28hr outage.” was deleted by moderators at the Bluehost forum.

  2. Bluehost where is the beef on your uptime stats?

    From the Bluehost forum, “Does bluehost have an uptime report based on historical data?

    Priorityx discussed:

    I suggest you focus on the question of why bluehost is afraid to publish hard data so customers can compare and make decisions on what is best for them.

    It seems the tone goes something like this:

    I have no problem, therefore bluehost has great uptime. On the other hand, a customer with an uptime problem has less value than I do, so their problem does not reflect on bluehost’s uptime.

    I asked a simple question. Where’s the beef?

    Any time the issues of downtime or reliability are mentioned on the Bluehost forum, the thread lives a short life and is killed by one of the impetuous forum moderators.

    So what does Bluehost have to hide? And where are the facts and figures showing the uptime stats per each individual server?

    Many other companies have no problem being open about such information, one example is WebHostingBuzz.

  3. tvuolo says:

    I finally got banned from the BlueHost forums for calling the admins “BlueHost Zealots.” 😉

  4. tvuolo says:

    It appears that most of the threads pertaining to the Box329 fiasco were deleted. Sorry guys. Most of our ranting and our timeline were wiped out by the zealots. Looks like Early Out and Felgall win this round.

    I guess what irritates me about that is I felt a connection to all the forum members who were in my predicament. Knowing that I wasn’t going through it alone made it easier to take. For them to just delete the posts and ban me for life is like telling me I can’t see my friends anymore. If the forums are not official BH forums, then they shouldn’t be linked from their main page. Anyone with a BH account should be able to post.

  5. No one wins with such mentality.

    First of all everyone on box329 at Bluehost does not win due to being down 28+ hours. Totally unacceptable even for a cheap host like Bluehost.

    Bluehost does not win by forum moderators deleting the history of Still More about Box329 and the 28hr outage as it gives the impression Bluehost has something to hide. Anytime history is removed a part of us is lost. Bluehost forum mods are using such tactics as damage control.

    The Bluehost forum does not win by banning members such as yourself for speaking your mind about moving to Dreamhost and mentioning the forum mods are Zealots. Who in the world will want to voice their opinion with such forum Nazi dictators breathing over their shoulders.

  6. Matt Heaton admits Bluehost and Hostmonster are having problems of implementing an acceptable backup solution. In a long drawn out thread (look here) at WHT, MHeaton tries to place the blame of BH & HM backup woes on R1Soft. It seams BH & HM can’t take responsibility for finding a proper backup strategy?

    Once again it is another prime example of why Bluehost and Hostmonster are unreliable.

  7. Knots125 says:

    As owner of three accounts and 300+ domain names, at one time Bluehost was exceptional service, now, it is the other extreme!

    Hearing excuses about who’s fault it is regards to hardware is in excusable in itself! No one but no one changes servers or transpose information without back up first and if the new system doesnt work revert to a working system. However, in the first place the new hardware and software shopuld have been thoroughly tested!


    Three weeks downtime on the account. When finally they got their act together it was discovered all the backups I had since over a year ago were corrupted because your system failure.

    I have had 3 1/2 weeks down time. Four years of work lost! One website alone has lost so much data it is never going to recover. Information supplied from people from international organizations.
    Most of my domains are within the top ten places of Google, Yahoo, etc…. XXXX

    Thanks Blue host, you fucked up BIG TIME. Owning 300+ domains I have a good mind to post what I think on each front page! Since all the data is gone I have nothing else to place there!

    One very angry customer!

    Where are the days when Matt sent personal emails??????? And people cared???

    psssttttt……. I have a long list of level 1, 2, 3 so-called techs here. After countless phone calls. Dozen or so support tickets. Duty Managers, et cetera, I probably know the employee staff better than Matt himself~!!!!


  8. jimsjunk says:

    The “boys” in the bluehost forum seem to be brainwashed into believing bluehost is with out fault. I was banned but I think it had more to do with my avatar than anything else, it disappeared before my banning.

    My avatar.

    The thread where I was banned.

  9. Jimsjunk, it sure is interesting how the “boys” at the Bluehost forum bad mouthed you after they banned you. Thanks for the post!

  10. Truth in Advertising: I am looking for anyone has been booted off of Bluehost because of what they termed as a breach of the terms of service due to the use of copyrighted material. Heather in the Bluehost abuse department claims that they do not allow copyrighted material on their servers. Has this happened to anyone? I believe there is an underlying problem here and would like to know if anyone else has experienced this scenario. Please write me back at Thanks.

  11. says:

    I am having an outage from bluehost as I type!


  12. Kevin says:

    Heather is the WORST.

    I just had a domain deleted that I haven’t used for over 1 YEAR and was completely unaware of. Instead of getting an email about the situation I just had my account deleted for NO REASON.

    Instead of talking with me like a human-being and actually understanding that I have sent over 50 clients to their hosting company over the years, this sour bitter woman just told me ‘You need to find a new host’

    I am sending out a mass email to all my clients recommending a new host and since I am their web designer they will follow my lead.


  13. Lucus says:

    Recently my sites have been down for days. On day one I contacted live chat at Hostmonster and they told me the server I was on was under a DDoS attack.  OK.  So day two I got on live chat and now they tell me my server is having performance problems. OK.  Now day three I decide to call Hostmonster and the tech tells me my server is still under a DDoS attack. Not so OK.  I ask the tech when might my sites be back online. He says he has no idea.  Not so OK.  So I ask him if I can move my sites to another server. He told me definitely not. Not OK at all.  Day four I call Hostmonster and asked the tech why my sites are still down. He reiterates the server is still under a DDoS attack.  And in mid-sentence of me talking, hangs up on me.  I call Hostmonster right back and asked why the tech hung up on me.  The response was, “Oh Ya. Sometimes our phones do that.”  Not OK. What a bunch of BS. Day five, after contacting live chat once again, still have the same DDoS problem. Now on day six, you guessed it, a DDoS problem continues, confirmed by Hostmonster live chat, on my server. Urrrgghh! No its NOT F’N OK.

    Plus on day six I was informed by a client my sites were unavailable with a 500 server error, on another Hostmonster account. So again I called Hostmonster and they say a server update killed all my Drupal sites. WTF NOT OK.

    I am at my wits end. Just as soon as this crappy company can keep their servers running long enough for me to download my sites and databases, I’ll be out of here.  

    Hostmonster hasn’t offered me any compensation for all the down time. In fact they didn’t even offer an apology for not providing hosting for an entire week that I am paying for.

    This is total BULL SHIT.

  14. Ben Dover says:

    I signed up for Hostmonster for three years as they were rated high on all web pages on the net.  I was six months into my three years when I received a notice from them that I had too many files and was told I had 14 days to reduce the number of files or move my stuff to a new host.  I thought bull pucky as they advertise unlimited disk space.  A long story short, they ended up terminating my account and never issued a refund for time not used.
    Well today my buddy emails me (who still has Hostmonster) that their file counting software is inaccurate.  On their forum they talk about if you delete files from the control panel the file count goes up.  I am not a tech guru but if I delete files shouldn’t the count be less and not more?  So I feel like they terminated my account for no legitimate reason and stole my money.

  15. RexTex says:

    I have been using Bluehost for a while.  Recently I noticed in the user quota area of cpanel my file count is double of what it should be.  The file count is over 50K so I am worried my account will be canceled for too many files.

  16. Mohamed says:

    Bluehost is down again.  This has been the second time within 15 days my sites are down.  Even is down.  Time for me to get rid of unreliable Bluehost and find a company that is reliable.

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