Month: February 2010

Unlimited Hosting?

Posted by – February 18, 2010

Unlimited web hosting divided by 100!?

Recently an add was found on the internet for Unlimited Web Hosting for $3.95 per year. With such a deal it is a must to check it out on live chat.

Name: Potential Customer (PC)
Web Site: BlahHost
Department: Sales
Question: Unlimited web hosting account?

Snake [10:15:05] Welcome to our real-time support chat. How can I help you today?

PC [10:15:41] I am interested in an Unlimited Hosting Account?  Is it really unlimited?

Snake [10:16:14] Yes! We really offer unlimited web hosting service.

PC [10:16:21] Really!?

Snake [10:16:45] Yeah…Really.

PC [10:20:16] Gosh! Unlimited is an awful lot.  I really don’t think I need that much. How about if I just use 1/100 of an unlimited account?  Can I do that?

Snake [10:21:14]  Yes. You are welcome to use as much or as little of your account as you like.

PC [10:23:47] OK! That sounds great.  But if I only use 1/100 of an unlimited account, I feel it is only fair that I pay for 1/100 of the cost of the account. Right?

PC [10:23:01] Hello?  Are you still there?

Snake [10:24:20] Yes I am here. That would be only 4 cents per year!? <cut off>

PC [10:24:24] Right but I am willing to make up for it by paying for a long term contract.

Snake [10:24:26] Oh! <cut off>

PC [10:24:27] I’ll pay you for 100 years of hosting.  At 4 cents per year times 100 it would come out to 4 dollars.  OK!  :)

Snake [10:26:03] We can’t do that.

PC [10:31:21] Hello?  Are you there?

PC [10:38:17] Hello?  Is anybody home?

PC [10:46:17] Did you leave me?

Snake [10:58:09] Thank you for trying Live Chat.

Just remember our World Class Support is just a click and a yack away!

Unlimited web hosting is no joke. Don’t fall for the foolishness of any company trying to sell unlimited web hosting.