Month: January 2010

Dear Spammer!

Posted by – January 27, 2010

Dear spammer on the other side of the Earth,

I know I am wasting my time by writing this post as there little to no chance you will ever read it.  But none the less I felt compelled to let you know how I feel.  It is highly unlikely I will open any spam email in the first place.  But since you choose to send me spam written in Chinese, (And I am going out on a limb, guessing what foreign language you are using!?)  I guarantee you I won’t even give it a second look before I hit the delete button sending your spam message to email purgatory.  So, spammer,  please attempt to learning English before sending me another spam.   And out of common courtesy if you are too lazy to learn English at least give Babel Fish a go to translate it into something that is intelligible for your spamming market.  Thanks for being so understanding!



Chinese spam