Month: February 2008

Bluehost Cult!?

Posted by – February 14, 2008

Beware of the unconscionable church of the Bluehost cult! Bluehost has many aspects which share common characteristics with a wayward holy roller church or a hyped-up Amway sales meeting instead of a reliable and stable web hosting company. Matt Heaton, Prophet of the Bluehost cult, is completely obsessed with the number of converts he obtains rather than providing quality service for his existing loyal members. Heaton throughout his blog repeatedly talks about the number of sign ups per day or total number of domains gained. It is all “Quantity, Quantity, Quantity” and quality is always second place at Bluehost. Hallelujah, brethren it is time for a membership drive.

Come one, come all to to the Bluehost cult. Let us send out an army of evangelists to gain neophytes. Our evangelists all have websites due to already belonging to the brotherhood of the Bluehost cult. The evangelists will place banner ads on their sites to draw in disciples. At Bluehost the evangelists are also referred to as affiliates. For every new convert the Bluehost cult will reward each affiliate with a one time payment of $65 for their proselytizing. Welcome all new cult members. Please come and join us at the Bluehost forum.

The Bluehost forum is similar to a church potluck. It is designed to be a place were cult members can get to know one another, exchange thoughts, and ask for direction. Most of the time all goes well at the Bluehost forum unless you dare speak ill about the Bluehost cult. If one expresses any discontent with the Bluehost cult, he will be banned, yes excommunicated, from the Bluehost forum. Power, mad, altar boy areidmtm is a master at banning members, closing and deleting threads, if one dares to question the almighty authority of the Bluehost cult (a few example threads 1, 2, 3, 4, 5). Bluehost would love to influence one into thinking that there are no problems with their hosting service. Nothing could be further from reality. Like all cults, the cult of the Bluehost promotes some level of deception.

Do NOT be lured into the insanity of the Bluehost cult with the wild marketing promises of horrendous disk space and bandwidth allocations. What Bluehost doesn’t tell you is they will choke the life blood out of you with resource quotas. Do NOT believe the unsubstantiated uptime claims by Bluehost and wild unrealistic promises of fantastic technical support. All such tactics are deceptive by design. The church of the Bluehost cult is built on hype and partial truths. Bluehost thrives on, ” Hype, Hype, Hype.” If you are wise you will avoid the Bluehost cult like the plague.