Hey Webhostinggeeks Andy ;)

Posted by – July 2, 2012

I received the following email request from Andrew Larson below.

remove link on inetintegrity.com

Due to the latest GoogIe update we are working on cleaning up the
links to our website http://webhostinggeeks.com/ . Therefore we would
like to kindly ask you to remove the following link from your website
Thank you for your cooperation.
Best Regards ,

Hey Andy,

I am not certain what you did not approve of inetintegrity.com linking to webhostinggeeks.com. But per your request, I removed the link concerning Bluehost reviews from your site.

Have a great day!

Yours truly,


SpamAssassin the Hostmonster Way

Posted by – February 2, 2011

No one likes spam.  Spam is like a wort on the internet.  It is something nobody wants.  And spam must be be dealt with before it over runs ones email box.

It is common practice for web hosts to offer email accounts for their clients.  Since a host is offering a client the ability to create email accounts, logic dictates the host will provide a reasonable means to deal with junk mail.  It is beneficial for the host as they won’t have volumes of junk mail cluttering their email servers.  And it is beneficial for the client to go about their business without battling spam.  Well at least that is how it should ideally work.  And most hosting companies provide a decent means for dealing with spam, but apparently not Hostmonster.

Hwystitch was using SpamAssassin on Hostmonster to deal with spam issues.  He noticed the spam was not effectively being filtered.  So he contacted support to find out what might be the problem.  So the saga of Hwystitch vs  Hostmonster unfolds at the Hostmonster forum.

Why are you throttleing spam assassin??? (screenshot):

been having bad spam issues so i checked the headers on emails coming in and see that spam assassin only looks at about 25% of the mail received! First I asked if something was wrong with my spam assassin on the site, support emails back, nope working just fine, so i ask why its not filtering a vast majority of my email, here is the response.

And Hwystitch receives a response from Hostmonster:

Spam Assassin is setup to only run when it has a certain amount of resources or more available. Currently this means that, you may have some messages that are checked by Spam Assassin, and you may have some that are not checked at all.

We realize this can be an inconvenience and are looking into ways to try to handle it differently without letting it get too intensive.

In the meantime, since there is currently no ETA on achieving the above goal, give Spam Hammer a try and see if it can help relieve some of your spam problems.

Hwystitch’s final response:

Ok spam hammer has been enabled, They deleted my account filtering rules once already and now they tell me that spam assassin will only run some times!!! bet if I paid for their postini I wouldnt have the problem…

Contacting BBB and will be switching hosts.

Hostmonster throttling SpamAssasin, only allowing 25% of emails to be filtered,  to conserve server resources it is beyond laughable.  Good luck HwyStitch on finding a decent and reliable web host.

Bluehost Kicks FrogPants!

Posted by – July 30, 2010

Out of the blue, Bluehost.com shuts down FrogPants, a very popular podcast network, without any warning,  for “using too much of their ‘unlimited’ bandwidth.”

Randydeluxe writes, “An Open Letter to Bluehost

To: Matt Heaton, President and CEO of Bluehost

Mr. Heaton,

Today, your company dumped a good customer without warning or just cause.  Out of the blue today, you made the decision to unplug all of Scott Johnson’s Frogpants network of podcasts, blogs and social media.  It is difficult to estimate how many potential customers you have given error to today, but in iTunes alone, you have refused service to possibly 100,000+ people.  Those people need to know who is suddenly preventing them from accessing what they’re looking for.

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you – since it’s your job to know such things – but you have just dumped:

  • An entire network of podcasts and blogs, comprising a dozen very successful podcasters who have disparate audiences of thousands and in some cases tens of thousands of listeners.
  • A massive web of highly effective social media mavens, most of whom have thousands of followers in Twitter.
  • Media that has an unusually high international reach, with well above-average numbers of listeners outside of the United States.
  • One of the top 100 podcasts in the world, according to listeners in iTunes, The Instance.

A cursory glance at your own Twitter feed makes it clear that you don’t understand or value the power and utility of social media.  Today’s bit of bad business by you was clearly the result of cold, hard calculation: you made an agreement with Scott Johnson that appears to be less profitable than breaking the agreement.  So much for almost every claim on your website “guaranteeing” “unlimited” “reliable” hosting that is “better” and “professional”.  The statement on your site, “we specialize in customer service” can now be considered laughable.

Of course, everyone involved with the Frogpants network will be henceforth opposed to patronizing your apparently fly-by-night operation.  The Internet meme you might become aware of is this: Get out of the blue.

I encourage any and all customers of Bluehost.com to get out of the blue, before Bluehost.com suddenly leaves all of your content un-hosted.  Get out of the blue as soon as it is feasible for you to stop paying a company that cannot be trusted with your blogs, forums, videos, podcasts and pictures.  I am not suggesting that any customer stop payment if you owe Bluehost.com money.  Don’t be like them, and break an established agreement.  Just take the first, honest opportunity to get out of the blue and take your content to another host.

Mr. Heaton, I sincerely hope that this letter finds you well, and that you take the opportunity to comment below if you have anything to say here.  Internet 2.0 is not a bum’s rush. Rather, it is an open and ever-expanding platform upon which those who speak have every opportunity to guide discourse, and those who remain silent increase the value of nothing.

Those who attempt to do any silencing will find such an attempt to be utterly impotent.

Thank you.

Help spread the word, “Don’t use Bluehost” and “get out of the blue.”

Digg: An Open Letter To Bluehost (for unhosting an entire Network)

Reddit: Bluehost.com shuts down podcast network for “using too much of our ‘unlimited’ bandwidth”

Twitter: #getoutoftheblue

You might want to join the myextralife.com forum and let them know how you feel, “Bluehost dumps all of Scott’s sites & podcasts.”

Many thanks to Randy at randydeluxe.com and Scott Jensen from myextralife.com & frogpants.com.

Good luck and prosperity to FrogPants and their new web host Zehosting.

Update: (11/21/2010)  Prior to FrogPants being booted from Bluehost Scott Jensen had written them a testimonial out of kindness.  The testimonial can be found at Bluehost or if you prefer you can view the screenshot here.   The moral of the story:  Be nice and write a very nice testimonial,  have your site become very  popular,  and wait until Bluehost kills your site without any warning for “using too much of their unlimited bandwidth.”

Unlimited Hosting?

Posted by – February 18, 2010

Unlimited web hosting divided by 100!?

Recently an add was found on the internet for Unlimited Web Hosting for $3.95 per year. With such a deal it is a must to check it out on live chat.

Name: Potential Customer (PC)
Web Site: BlahHost
Department: Sales
Question: Unlimited web hosting account?

Snake [10:15:05] Welcome to our real-time support chat. How can I help you today?

PC [10:15:41] I am interested in an Unlimited Hosting Account?  Is it really unlimited?

Snake [10:16:14] Yes! We really offer unlimited web hosting service.

PC [10:16:21] Really!?

Snake [10:16:45] Yeah…Really.

PC [10:20:16] Gosh! Unlimited is an awful lot.  I really don’t think I need that much. How about if I just use 1/100 of an unlimited account?  Can I do that?

Snake [10:21:14]  Yes. You are welcome to use as much or as little of your account as you like.

PC [10:23:47] OK! That sounds great.  But if I only use 1/100 of an unlimited account, I feel it is only fair that I pay for 1/100 of the cost of the account. Right?

PC [10:23:01] Hello?  Are you still there?

Snake [10:24:20] Yes I am here. That would be only 4 cents per year!? <cut off>

PC [10:24:24] Right but I am willing to make up for it by paying for a long term contract.

Snake [10:24:26] Oh! <cut off>

PC [10:24:27] I’ll pay you for 100 years of hosting.  At 4 cents per year times 100 it would come out to 4 dollars.  OK!  :)

Snake [10:26:03] We can’t do that.

PC [10:31:21] Hello?  Are you there?

PC [10:38:17] Hello?  Is anybody home?

PC [10:46:17] Did you leave me?

Snake [10:58:09] Thank you for trying BlahHost.com Live Chat.

Just remember our World Class Support is just a click and a yack away!

Unlimited web hosting is no joke. Don’t fall for the foolishness of any company trying to sell unlimited web hosting.

Dear Spammer!

Posted by – January 27, 2010

Dear spammer on the other side of the Earth,

I know I am wasting my time by writing this post as there little to no chance you will ever read it.  But none the less I felt compelled to let you know how I feel.  It is highly unlikely I will open any spam email in the first place.  But since you choose to send me spam written in Chinese, (And I am going out on a limb, guessing what foreign language you are using!?)  I guarantee you I won’t even give it a second look before I hit the delete button sending your spam message to email purgatory.  So, spammer,  please attempt to learning English before sending me another spam.   And out of common courtesy if you are too lazy to learn English at least give Babel Fish a go to translate it into something that is intelligible for your spamming market.  Thanks for being so understanding!



Chinese spam